Walk With Me

Holy Saints,

God is talking and He is moving. The creator of all things. The one who takes those things which are not seen and creates those things which are seen had been talking. Yes, money, jobs, resources are changing hands. A supernatural change. A turnaround!

Thus says the Lord…

“My eyes are on you… I see you all. You are not alone. I came into this earth to be with you. I see you and I am with you and I will never go. Everywhere you are, I am. I will be all that you let Me be in you. I am your strength. I am your peace. I am the light that brings revelation, hope, faith. Walk with Me and we will go into places that you have never seen. The light has come. The light has come. The light has come. Angels, angels, angels… they’re working on your behalf. They’re delivering those things that you require. I have money everywhere. What I have is yours. Recieve that money now! Receive that help now. Recieve that job now. Recieve! Receive! In Jesus’ name. Your light has come. Walk in the light”.

Brothers and sisters, God has spoken! The reality you see around you will be different from today because the things inside of you will change the things around you. The eyes of your understanding being enlightened will change the things around you. Your confidence will go up. Your joy will go up. Your excitement will go up. And your testimony will go out.

Glory to God!

In His Grip,
Ali Papa.

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