Change And Turns Will Come

Dearly Beloved,

Everyone you meet is going through a hard battle you know nothing about in their own world. They are going through some stuff whether you see it or not. To some it’s a big mess, to others, a “blessed mess” but they are all GOING THROUGH something, COMING OUT of something or ABOUT TO GO THROUGH something. Some are broken and are just better at hiding their pains than others.

You don’t need a prophet to show you that things are truly not okay with many people. Everything “seems” to be wrong. The economy is in a very bad shape. The politicians are out of ideas. The economists are out of ideas and don’t know what monetarily policy to introduce next. People are without job. Unfortunately, not everyone with a job is earning the desired salary. But that is not as bad as those who have been working and haven’t been paid in the past seven months. Talk to three people you know and one of them is out of job because their previous employer has downsized or they are completely out of business.

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