Expect A Turn Around

Dear Lord,
I thank You that every day is a new day and You have new things in store for us. We take the garment of joy and praise and we put it on today. Your favour is going before us and preparing a way. 

I pray for you that’s  reading this. I pray that you will overcome every trial. You will be more than a conqueror. Things are changing and working together for your good. The perfect will of God, the complete plan of God will unfold in your life. 

You aren’t pressed, your season is here. God is going to keep opening doors for you just to shut the enemy’s mouth. The mistakes of your past will not block the blessings of your future. You shall have victory over everything that rises against you in Jesus name. 

Every divine helper that has been assigned by God in your life, may they begin to locate you this week in Jesus Mighty Name. May God’s presence abide with you, keep you from all evil and grant you victory on every side this weekend! 

May God surprise you in these last days of November. May He do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond what you may ask or hope for in Jesus Name! Stay strong knowing that God is about to surprise you with the oil of joy – Isaiah 43:19.

Today, something that has been draining you for years is about to dry up and lose power over your life. Expect a turn around in Jesus name! God knows the number of nights you’ve cried yourself to sleep. He may seem silent but be still, joy comes in the morning. He is already at work and He will come through.

The will and plan of God for you, every page, every chapter, every detail, every revelation, all the assignments, they will be. God is about to bless you in front of those who prayed for you to fail. I declare that you are free from those things that were holding you back!

The things that need to take place now by faith they’re coming to pass. Blessings are coming to you (Deut 28:1-14). It’s time in Jesus Name. 

Put a praise on it!

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