I Am Ready

Dear Family,

I have heard your cries. I have heard your petitions. I have seen your tears, your struggles and I feel your pain. But rest in me today. Refuse to be afraid. “I was eyes to the blind, and feet to him who had no power of walking” – Job 29:15 (BBE).

“I promised to save you, and I kept my promise…I am God now and forever. No one can snatch you from me or stand in my way”- Isaiah 43:12-13 (CEV).

I was known for helping people in trouble and standing up for those who were down on their luck. “I was a saviour to the poor when he was crying for help, to the child with no father, and to him who had no supporter” – Job 29:12 (BBE).

I will not leave you as an opharn without help. I am ready to turn some things around for you. From today, my peace, the only one none other can give, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in my son, Christ Jesus – Phillipians 4:7.

Your God of Peace.

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