Life Is A Fight 

Beloved of God,

Life’s a fight. You fought at least one in 2016. This is 2017 now… the devil has been defeated according to His Word. Stop trying to defeat him. What you have left is the fight of faith, and it’s a good fight! I encourage you to stay up, stay hopeful and stay faith-filled because you are not without help. 

Job 22:27-29 says, God will answer your prayers… He will do WHATEVER you ask, and life will be bright for you. When others are saying that there is a casting down, your testimony will be that there is a lifting up. 

This year is not the time to start blaming yourself or your family for your situations. God that has seen and has heard. He is the God that will answer your prayers.  HE will carry you and all yours. He will stand by you and fight for you. HE will defend you and open mighty doors for you. 

Challenges will come, weapons will be formed and fashioned against you but you will never know failure nor sorrow. Press harder and fight a good fight of faith. As you do, God will answer your prayers. He will do whatever you ask. He will help you carry your burdens from now and forever. HE will end the era of sufferings permanently in your life.

You will dream good dreams and they will come to pass this year. God will restore you to favor and to a higher position – Genesis 40:9, 13, 21 (TLB).

In Him,
Ali Papa.