He Is Meeting My Every Need

“In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success” – Proverbs 3:6 (TLB)

I can’t change my past no matter how I try. All I can do is to let go and start my future all over again. My mistakes are a proof that I am trying. The one whom my salvation and honor depends on knows what I am going through and He is meeting my every need. He is my rock and my refuge. Therefore I will not look to the right or to the left, but I will declare that You are good right now, Father!

Dear Father,

You said in your Word that if I will acknowledge You in all my ways, You will make straight my paths. Today, I ask that You give me the patience to have patience. Walk me through every challenge and lead me to every blessing You have for me in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Your Beloved Son,
~ Ali Papa.

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You Are The Ones Chosen By God

“The king pleaded with the holy man, “Help me! Pray to your God for the healing of my arm.” The holy man prayed for him and the king’s arm was healed—as good as new!” – 1 Kings 13:6 (MSG).


If you are sick in your body, if you are sick in your mind, if you are sick in your finances, whatever it is that is causing you an embarrassment, I want you to know that God is able to heal you and God is able to give you a new start. The holy man prayed and God answered him. God has made you a priest unto Himself and you can pray and expect to have an answer too.

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Let The Amen Rise

Beloved of God,

I want you to always remember that “The Son of God, Christ Jesus, whom we – Silas, Timothy, and I – proclaimed among you, never wavered between “Yes” and “No.” With him it has always been “Yes.” For, many as were the promises of God, in Christ is the “Yes” that fulfils them. Therefore, through Christ again, let the “Amen” rise, through us, to the glory of God” – 2 Corinthians 1:19-20 (OEB).

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Stop Struggling Now That You Are In Christ.


The battles of life are not always to the strong. Stop struggling and be at rest in Him. Stop struggling like a man without Christ. A child of God works with a different set of rules. It was never your responsibility to win your battles and meet your needs. Stop struggling about tomorrow and about your finances. Stop struggling about how to come out of that blessed mess – God is on your side. It was never your responsibility to heal yourself, or to deliver yourself and set yourself free – God is your deliverer. Stop struggling with your health – healing is already yours. Rest and know that none of those things are your responsibility – those are His responsibilities.

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Better Days Are Coming

Dear Someone,

I want you to know that irrespective of what your circumstances may look like today, God is not surprised at the mess you made in your life. God is not surprised at our mistakes. God is not surprised at what is happening to you. God is not surprised at how long things may be taking. God is not surprised at your weaknesses. God is not surprised at the blessings you enjoy. God is not surprised at the things that have shaken your life. God is not surprised about the gossip and slander going on about you. God is not surprised at anything today.

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