When The Devil Whispers

Beloved of God,

In your walk of life, people will laugh, talk about you and ask where is your God when you are facing trials. Don’t let that bother you. Stay in faith instead and pray for them. Soon, people will see the evident hand of God in your life.

God called you by His Name – not your name. (Isaiah 49:1). He created you – you didn’t create yourself. It doesn’t matter what the enemy says. It matters what God says. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t like you. It doesn’t matter how bad things are for you right now – stay the course and on purpose.

Many may be watching you as you go through your situation wondering where is your God. Allow them to watch you because the One that is watching you from above is the One that called you by His Name. He is on your side and every need would be met according to His Word.

David said in Psalms 42:3, 10-11 (TLB), “3 Day and night I weep for his help, and all the while my enemies taunt me. “Where is this God of yours?” they scoff. 10 Their taunts pierce me like a fatal wound; again and again they scoff, “Where is that God of yours?” 11 But, O my soul, don’t be discouraged. Don’t be upset. Expect God to act! For I know that I shall again have plenty of reason to praise him for all that he will do. He is my help! He is my God!”

God called you by His Name – not your name (Isaiah 49:1). It doesn’t matter what the enemy says.It matters what God says. May no one ever see you and ask where is your God.

Learn to encourage yourself and to be strong in The Lord. Refuse to be defined by what people say about you. God is still your ONLY help in that situation. Always remember that in the storm the Devil will whispers “where is your God?” He asked David where was his God. He asked Lazarus where was his God. The people cried out to Jesus Christ on the cross “where is your GOD now?”, “You can’t help yourself”. But we know He did.

May no one ever see you and ask where is your God. Wherever people have been asking where is your God, He will manifest Himself in your favour and to the shame of your foes. May He take away every reproach that causes people to ask: “where is your God?” in Jesus Name.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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