Everything Will Turn Out Right


If you are like me today, there are probably many issues calling for your attention and there are those that won’t just let you have peace of mind. It is also possible that your day is full of appointments and obligations, with very little time to breathe or you simply found yourself doing what you don’t want to be doing. Whatever it is that you are battling with today, realize that tough times are good ground for God’s provision.

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Forgive For You


Many people are sick, oppressed, and depressed today because of unforgiveness. Don’t be one of them. Don’t allow any unforgiving spirit to rule your life. It doesn’t matter what anyone has done to you, leave the offence and the offender with God — He’s the only one who understands what they did and why they did it. 

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God Will Make Up For The Losses

IMG_20170918_020331_652Dear Someone,

It doesn’t matter what has befallen you today, come joy or come sorrow, an hour with God will make up for them all. The road you are on right now may be rough, but it will not be long. What you think you don’t have enough of, the favour of God will make up for the difference. For everything you sowed in tears, you will receive the harvest with songs of joy, without any sorrow added to it.

Don’t be bitter about wasted days due to inconsistency, inconsiderate people and unfair situations. Don’t be bitter about the life your family or government couldn’t give you. From today, God will make up for every loss you have had. He will make up for the lost time. They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and shall mount up wings like Eagles. God will make up for what you think is lost time.

God is about to make up for the lost time and bring you out better and stronger than ever before! He will make up for any struggle He allows. He will make up for all the blessed mess. Yours is to stay the course and on purpose knowing that for the years spent in sacrifices, preparation and pain, you will receive full restoration. The things that you don’t have, God will make up for with favor.

Wherever you need to go today, go in the Name of Jesus and not in the name of your uncle or friend. Trust that the anointing of God will make up for where you don’t have gifts. Whatever you feel like you don’t have, God will make up for that. God will make up for what people cannot give you. God will make up for what your earthly father couldn’t give you. One day with God will make up for a thousand years, no matter where you are or how old you are. For the love you gave that was never returned, you will receive love that will never fail you, you will receive love that you won’t have to beg for.

People will remind you of your past, the devil will remind you of your shortcomings, your situations might be telling you that there’s no way of of it but always remember that the depth of your past, the extent of your present situation, foretells the height of your future. God already prepared a better replacement even before you had that loss. He is able to make up for lost joy and peace. Hold Him by His Word, and He will restore your victories. He will make up for what you can’t cover up. Your gain will exceed all losses. He will give you double honor for your shame.

Today, if you’ll stay in faith, God will not only bring you out, He’ll also turn back time. He will make up for the lost joy and peace. He will make up for the losses. He is a God of second chances and third and fourth and beyond. May His joy in you continue to be a strength to you — to keep on keeping on! For all the things and people you have lost in seasons of transition, may you receive loyal friends, awesome connections and blessings in Jesus Name!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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