A Turnaround Is Coming

Beloved of God,

I know it’s been long enough. But stay the course because change is coming –  God has not changed. What He did for Hannah and Joseph, He can do much more for you. One night Joseph was in prison, the next day he was in the palace. If God can turn Hannah’s weeping into joy, then He can take your mistakes, your awful circumstance, and turn it into a miracle – 1 Peter 5:8–11 (MSG).

Regardless of your mistakes and poor choices, I want you to know that a turnaround is coming. A turnaround is coming to your home. A turnaround is coming to your finances. The Lord is with you in that valley. You might not feel life it, your situation might not look like it but take a deep breath, be patient, and keep the faith because a turnaround is coming.

God has never planned a defeat against you. He is not about to. So stay the course and on purpose because your season of release is upon you.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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