Hold Your Faith


Things might be hard and your situation seems like it’s the end, but hold your faith up as your shield. Hold up your faith and fight a good fight for therein lies your blessings.

Every situation has an expiry date and yours is not an exception. When His day and His hour came to be baptized in water, no man could stop Him. When His hour came to be born in a manger, no devil could stop Him. It is no different now. No one can stop His blessing upon your life. It’s too late! Long awaited doors are about to open. New doors of opportunity and change are coming… just hold your faith — 1 Timothy 6:12.
Whatever the case, God is good. Keep hope, hold your faith and continue to take another step forward.

Praying that the will of God will never take you, where the grace of God cannot keep you, where the arms of God cannot support you, where the riches of God cannot supply your needs, where the power of God cannot endow you.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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