If Your Evil Day Has Come, Don’t Cry! 


God hasn’t changed His mind about you! Not for once! His Word concerning you is for all time. He made a promise: you will always be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13). That promise is for you and it’s for today. Your present situation or circumstances might not look so but in the eyes of God you are the head and not the tail. In the eyes of God nothing can succefully come against not when He has said that all things (with the exception of none) work together for your good.

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Go In His Name

Dear Someone,

I want you to realise that in life, you are going to get criticised if you try or not. So you might as well do whatever God has laid in your heart to do. Be encouraged and go in His Name knowing that the Lord is on your side. He is working for you. He will not fail you. He will bring you to completion. He will cause that Word to flourish inside of you such that the world will take note of you.

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