Take Your Life Back 

Dear Someone,

This is letter is for you. You that your wandering heart hurts and doesn’t know if the wait is worth it anymore. You that your marriage no longer has any firm foundation and it is nearly ruining you. You that’s tired of pretending to be cool or indifferent, and just want to be honest. You that’s tired of waiting for double the time it takes for them to text you back. You that is tired of staying strong even when you know that everything is falling apart. You that it didn’t take time to fall in love but now it’s taking you years to know what love is. You that was almost in love or almost good for him or her. You that is at war in your mind and about to lose it.

Today, I have a word for you, seize from your struggle and rest in His love. There is no reason for being sad over how they treated you or who rejected you. Every experience is part of God’s divine plan. Rest knowing that all is well. Trust God and trust yourself. Everything will eventually work together for your good.

Take your life back by being unbelievably powerful, creative, and full of love and light. Seize from your struggles and love when you are ready. Don’t try to change who you are just because you are afraid of losing them. You never lose by loving. You only lose by holding on to the wrong person. If the one in your life really loves you, your imperfections won’t matter. So pass this on, comment freely, tag your friends and remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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