There Is Hope

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that is shouldering so much pain on the inside but happy on the outside. You that’s trying to stay happy but it’s only getting harder. You that is trying to keep smiling even though your smile has dimmed. You that’s done chasing people who don’t want you. You that is sick of seeing people hurt you. You that is sick of one sided relationships. You that is going through a lot and you had barely any support. You that is trying to act like everything is fine but sometimes you can’t help but to breakdown. You that’s experiencing a season of separation or isolation. You that have found yourself in a transitional period of your life that you are not sure what’s next. You that’s struggling and haven’t felt happy. You that’s feeling so alone and lost. This letter is for you.

I want you to know that you’re worth more than your darkness. It doesn’t matter who has put you through hell and call it love, God can step into any situation and cause a change for you. Just because you haven’t got it all figured out doesn’t mean you never will. Some day you may even look back and wonder why you were ever worried. One day, you will say, “I made it!”. So push through the hard times, but don’t let the hard times push through you. Be hard on yourself, but not to the point where you don’t let the hard times strengthen you and motivate you to do better.

No one can deny you the plans God has for you. RUN to Him in times of trouble. Don’t let the hard times draw you away from Him and His love. Don’t let the hard times tell you otherwise. Go out there in His Name, put your trust in Him and become who He wants you to be. Don’t let the hard times cloud your vision. Focus instead on what you want. Ignore all the negativity around you and surround yourself with positive people ONLY!

You may have messed up your life in the past. But that’s okay. You serve a merciful and a God of first, second and third chances. Be a dreamer and don’t let your dreams die. Don’t let the hard times keep you down. Let the future excites you because God has been where you are trying to go. The locust does not prey on dry leaves. If you’re currently going through difficulties, it’s because you have all it takes to succeed. Don’t let the hard times stop you. Don’t let the hard times define you, you’ll get through it. Don’t let the hard times fool you, there is hope. You will come out of it. When you do, there are vistas of hope waiting for you.

Be blessed!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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