Continue To Stand

I don’t know who this is for but God will come through for you in that situation. HE DOESN’T SHOW FAVORITISM. What He did for another, He’s able to do much more for you! – Acts 10:34.

Be blessed!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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Don’t Beg Anyone To Stay

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that hate how love makes you very naive. You that is still remembering the past years, when you would do anything for him or her to stay in your life. You that will hurt your own pride just to stay in a relationship. You that wouldn’t mind putting your life through hell just to be in love. You that doesn’t know how to forget the one that hurt you most. You that’s drowning in a sea full of tears because of the mess you are in. You whose heart was broken into a thousand pieces after they left. This letter is for you.

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