God Is In The Midst Of Your Pain

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, my dear, you that can’t stop loving the wrong person. You that have been weak and helpless before stumbling on this letter. You that’s trying to learn how to be strong and resilient. You that’s trying to learn how to fight for your voice and stand up for yourself. You that’s learning how to survive in this wicked world. You that’s learning how to live alone when all you ever needed was a hand to hold on to.

Don’t ask, “Why?”
Don’t find yourself only remembering how they left. Don’t be so distracted about how it all ended and forget how beautiful the beginning was. You can be in a relationship for two, three, four, seven years or more and feel nothing but silent hell. With the right person, you could be in a relationship for a week or two and feel everything. So don’t let that bad situation put the worst in you. It’s okay to get your heart broken (it doesn’t make it better) it makes you stronger as a person and as a lover for the next person.

Keep going!
It’s okay if they don’t need you. Don’t allow the opinion of others define you. Life is better when you don’t live for other people. Stay the course and do what’s good for you. If someone hates you for being fat, forget them. If someone hates you for being skinny, forget them. If they don’t understand what you’re going through, you don’t need them. Live for you, don’t live for other people but God. This is YOUR LIFE! You’re the driver not the passenger. Those that truly love you will stay. If not, it’s okay!

Find your worth.
Stop loving the wrong person and stop hurting yourself. Give yourself the freedom of self expression. You don’t have to live a lie just so you can be loved. Know when to give up and stop loving the wrong person. I know the worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait but compromising your sanity for someone else’s sake isn’t love. It’s foolishness! A million words would not change them, I know because I’ve tried. You can’t change anyone. Only God can!

Move on.
If you need to move on with your life, do, but NEVER give up on yourself (Luke 18:1) – keep on praying and never give up. Everything will work OUT right. Everything will be ALL-Right. Never say that you are weak. Instead, “let the weak say, I am strong” – Joel 3:10. Let that be your testimony in that blessed mess. I don’t know what you may be facing today, but I do want to assure you God is in the midst of your pain, suffering, and struggle. He has not forsaken you, nor turned His back on you. His Word concerning you has never changed; His Word is still the same. Until tomorrow, remember that you have His Word that no evil or calamity shall come near your dwelling (receive that and be blessed).

In His Grip,
~Ali Papa.

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