Surrender Your Anxiety!

Dear Someone,

I hope you forgive me for giving you a name. Just like everyone, I was too busy handling the test and trails that came my way. It is a testament that no one is immune from the challenges of life. What’s important at such times is for us to never allow them plant themselves in our lives and put pressure on us. We should never wait for God to come to us, our spirit has to move us towards God and all that He wants us to become.

You that stumbled on this letter of hope, I encourage you to have confidence in that situation that is before you. You must have confidence in the words you speak for them to have power to change your circumstances. Psalms 46:10 says, “Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.” (Psalms:The Passion Translation). God’s plan for your future has always been filled with hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and very soon, one day, may be today, God will wipe away all the pain you have suffered in this earth (Revelations 21:3-4).

Whatever it is that you are going through today, don’t be afraid to live this season of your life – it’s not fair to your purpose. God is not moved by your condition but by your conclusion. He is not moved by what happens to you but how you respond to it. It’s choice – not chance – that determines your destiny. Who you are on the inside is more important than what your body looks like. It may seem unbearable and inside, you’re basically saying, “God, I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t take it anymore!” Don’t Quit! Resist discouragement and finish the race God has set before you. It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

Beloved of God, your problems are designed for a reason. There is a bright side to every dark situation. There’s a reason for the struggle. There’s a reason for the fight. There’s a reason for that breakdown. There’s a bright side to that failed marriage. Don’t be distracted by any financial challenges concerning you, your family or business. Team up with the Lord and fight a good fight of faith. Until tomorrow, be brave but also be ready! If you are holding on to past hurts and pains, let it go! Let the past be the past. There’s a breakthrough coming and that breakthrough is yours!

Be blessed!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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