Get Ready!

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that’s asking when will enough be enough. You that’s feeling abandoned by every one that ever loved you. You that’s blaming God for not answering your prayers. You that’s in denial of the power of God and always thinking that you are not qualified for God’s mercy. You that’s crying for help but help seems to be so far away. You that was abandoned because they felt you were not good enough. You that was abandoned because of that unwanted pregnancy – possibly through rape or fetal abnormality or maybe just because you’re just too young or poor. You that was dumped and abandoned because of a petty argument, this letter is for you. I want you to know that you are a candidate for God’s miracle – you are next in line. You might have been abandoned and down right now but it won’t be for too long.

Listen, irrespective of where the circumstances of life has kept you, there is God in that street of life. You may be delayed in that street, in that marriage, in that promotion that is due you, in that project, in your finances, but you have not been denied. God has something great in store for you. You ONLY need to reach out to Him in FAITH. When God remembers you, help will come urgently (Psalm 46:1). In Judges 16:28, Samson cried “Lord God, remember me”, and the Lord answered him immediately. So don’t keep quiet in that situation. When God remembers you He remembers you and your household, and He will cause stormy waters, and stormy winds to pass you by. He will immediately put an end to everything that is working against your peace. When God remember you, nothing is too good to be through. He will demonstrate His faithfulness in your life. When God says yes, no man can say no (Numbers 23 :19). When God remembers you, He will do more than just think about you. He will show up and show out like you’ve never seen before. Where there needed to be a turnaround, it will be turned around.

Today might not be the best of days but don’t question what others have done – it’s not about you. Don’t question what they have said and what it looked like. God’s mercy will reach out to you and speak for you today. When God remembers you in that ugly situation and blessed mess, everything about you will change immediately! When God remembers you, even your enemies will join you and celebrate His goodness upon your life. The enemy can stand against your success, but when God remembers you, no demon can stop you. When God remembers you, the rest is history. He does not speak your language, He teaches you His language instead. He changes your vocabulary.

Irrespective of the challenges that are before you today in that relationship or marriage, in that office or in your health, just stay seated with Him in heavenly places above all of the lack, all of the doubt, all of the junk, and all of the strife, and you will walk in victory with a brand new shout. When God remembers you, your long years of mourning turns to joy. The stagnation of many years ceases in a day. Things change for you – your matter will suddenly matter to people who thought you don’t matter! Wherever you go, your life becomes blessing attractive – men and women will compete to bless you. His blessings for you becomes unlimited. When GOD remembers you, He settles you, and gives you rest in power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing. He puts a mark on you that differentiates you from your past. He gives you a miracle that will daze you – there are no half measures. You can go from being unemployed to having difficulty choosing 1 of 3 great offers.

To the one who found this letter of hope, get ready to be remembered! When God remembers you, you are remembered. This is your season and I declare that God is bringing you into a season of His grace and comfort. Take it by faith, walk in it, and receive it. Healing is there too and restoration is in it. I pray, may God remember you today and change that ugly situation to a pleasant one in Jesus’ Name. I pray that He will remember you for good and intervene in your situation today in Jesus’ Name.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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