Don’t Stay Down

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that is afraid but doesn’t know what you are afraid of – to see him or her again or never to see him or her again. You that’s so lonely that you have forgotten what you are worth. You that’s over thinking every word and exhausted by all the different chaos. You that’s thinking the best you ever had with him or her was just a memory. You that never thought that him or her would become temporary in your life at this time of your life. You that have craved for him or her so much that you are literally aching. This letter is for you, you that have cried with no tears thinking and hoping that God will somehow bring back to you everything that you have ever lost. Today I want you to remind yourself that time only goes forward. You must look forward to better days, and remember that the situation you are in is not the final chapter of your life.

A year ago, a few months ago, a few weeks ago and perhaps yesterday, everything was probably different for you both. And now that you look back, you realize that a year can do a lot to a person. He or she might have deleted your number, blocked you on everything they could find, said terrible things about you and lied against you, find it in your heart to forgive them. Forget this lonely feeling and forgive the one that has hurt you even though you care about him or her but they have become a stranger. Remember there was a time in your lives when you needed the truth and he or she gave it to you. When you needed reassurance, he or she gave that too. When you needed a real friend and no matter how much you wanted to end things with him or her, they refused to walk away from the friendship. When you needed to know that they genuinely cared, He or she showed you that and more. Today, all that might have changed because of circumstances that are beyond you. All that might have changed probably because you both were meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together. Chances are, you both changed and made mistakes too.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Stop clinging to your mistakes just because you spent a lot of time making them. You have dwelled for too long in that street of life. I know that not everything in life works out the way we want, but trust that God is with you in every valley of life. Allow Him to help you in that relationship. Allow Him to walk with you in that lonely street. Allow Him to give you peace that no man can give. Trust Him with your pain because you serve the God of second chances. Don’t stay down if you have fallen because your tomorrow is far better than your past. You might have being running back and forth – falling in love and out of love, asking yourself, “When will love last?”. Rest and know that you are too full of life to be half loved. Those that left you will start loving you again when they fail to replace you.

Let yourself rest, let go of the mess, let go of the past, let go of how they treated you wrongly and the mess you are in, the past and all the wrongs will let go of you. Until tomorrow, take care of yourself and breathe! May God’s love be manifested to fill and heal you, and to bring lasting peace into that chaos and blessed mess that you are in. For His Glory, Amen!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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