You Will Fulfil Your Purpose

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that has being yearning to be loved all your life, and finally, be happy. You that grew up in an abusive family with toxic parents. You whose heart is breaking day and night and your pain is making you fall. You that is being bullied every day and having people scream in your face, calling you all manner of names and telling you how you are never going to amount to anything in life. You that doesn’t know what happiness is anymore. You that’s questioning if your parents are actually yours because of how bad they are treating you. You that have so much hatred towards those that have wronged you for too long. This letter is for you, you that’s not able to find an expression to define your pains.

I want you to know that your struggles are real but so is your God. With Him, you can finish well. You may have had a bad start in life, you may have messed up along the way, you may have made mistakes, you may have regrets, you may have been treated unfairly, you may have been lied to and cheated on several times, but you are still standing, you can finish well, and that’s because God is yet to give up on you. Your present situation may not be great but that has nothing to do With your future. It’s what and how you learn from them.

You may have gone off track of Gods plan for your life but love yourself enough the way you should do. A member of your family might have abused you emotionally and physically, but they don’t have the power to destroy you if you don’t give them that power. Don’t ever allow the opinions of anyone define who you are or who you are going to become. Toxic people will hurt you, blame you, call you all manner of names then return and treat you as if nothing had happened at all. Don’t let them! Be prepared to be called all manner of names but let their verbal abuse spur you to a glorious life. God can use every experience, even bad ones, for your good. Trust Him!

You owe yourself the love that you freely give to other people. Love yourself in the same way you yearned to be loved by another. Until you start loving yourself, no one can love you. You will always get disappointed if your joy depends on how you are loved by others. Until you listen to your heart, the part where it’s honest and true, not where it is yearning to be loved, you will never grow past this situation that you are in. If you continue to listen to that part of you that wants to be loved, you will let anything love it, and will love everything. Unfortunately, not everything deserves to be loved by your heart.

Don’t become blinded to who you are destined to be by being distracted on what others have tried to force you to be. It might not be very easy because of the damage that has already been done to you but you must make a conscious effort to love yourself first. Being in love with the thought of love is beautiful, yet yearning to be loved is bad for you. Don’t become blinded to what you think is love. Love can only be accepted from others once you truly love yourself. Don’t allow anyone to fall in love with your outer beauty, while your soul is yearning to be loved.

Forgive everyone that has ever wronged you and count it all joy. Find it in your heart to forgive your abusive parents. I know it’s not easy and will never be easy but forgiving them will help you to become a better person. The one that abused you did all that to you because of their own personal struggles and things that they might be dealing with secretly. Don’t let the rear view mirror block the potential of what’s right in front of you. Nothing that has ever happened to you is a surprise to God. He knows all that your family, your partner or spouses have done to you and He feels the pains you’re going through. The good news is that they won’t be for long because help is on the way for you. You might have never been loved by anyone, but there is someone out there for you. God has created him or her already and has been given birth to already. You can only meet this someone when you start loving yourself and seeing yourself with the eyes of God. If you love the Lord and love yourself, He’ll bless you with the love that you are looking for, and He will fulfill that need and yearning to be loved.

When you look into the mirror, see a victor and a champion, not a defeated woman. Let the person in your head be you and not someone else. When your faith is shaking, keep on moving forward. When your heart is breaking, don’t give up. When the pain is becoming unbearable, lean on the One who gave you the strength to keep going. And until tomorrow, remember that you have only one life — live it well. Don’t allow anyone to destroy it for you. Stop looking for love in the wrong places. Love yourself and yourself first. I pray that as you think through these words, you will come to realize that you are not a failure and that your brokenness will not be forever. May those who grew up in abusive homes find healing and rest for their weary souls. The same way you are yearning to be loved is the same way God is yearning for you, He just needs a real yes. While you may be yearning for someone or something, God is yearning for you. While you may be in love someone or something, God is in love with you.

Be blessed!

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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