Live Your Life

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that’s afraid of being yourself because of the thoughts and fears of others. You that’s constantly thinking of every worst case scenario of how others may treat you if you came out to the world. You that’s always feeling put down around your “friends”. You that’s thinking that you’re not good enough. You that’s insecure about everything and afraid of wearing a certain piece of clothing, this letter is for you.

Too often we try to conform instead of be who we were born to be. And the question is, why are you so afraid of being yourself? Why are you conforming to something that doesn’t represent you at all? Why are you finding it difficult sticking to your gut and trusting your impulse sometimes? Why do you care so much about what everyone thinks of you? Why do you act/dress/talk in a certain way — completely detached from who you are, just because it will benefit your relationship and make your partner love you the more? What do you represent, Dear Someone?

Just in case you are in doubt or having fear in you, DON’T be afraid of being yourself. Don’t be afraid because at the end of the day, it’s better to live in your truth than faking it. That’s why there is only one person like you and that’s you. You should be grateful for that because there are many more rewards waiting for you as yourself than the negativity ideas you create in your head. It doesn’t matter how long fears has crippled you, if you really want to be happy and peaceful, live life everyday like it’s your last. Experience life on your terms because an original is worth more than a copy.

You can’t continue to live your life afraid of being yourself because you feel like others may either judge you, like your content, or dislike what you had to say. If they don’t like your weirdness, if they don’t like your political views, and if they don’t like your religious views, they don’t deserve you as a friend. It also doesn’t matter what people call you either, those labels are for bottles, not for you. Stop thinking about what others think of you all the time. People will talk regardless and that’s why rumors are rumors. Stop losing sleep and understand that people will judge you no matter who you are and that’s because people are people — don’t let them make you nervous. So you might as well be who YOU really are, because you will be surprised to see how many people prefer the real you. The people who matter will see your flaws and still think you’re perfect! The people you want in your life also want you to be yourself. Those who will reject you are the people you don’t need in your life.

If you want to cry, CRY. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak. If you don’t want to cry, DON’T CRY. Not crying does not mean you are strong. If you want to show up, SHOW UP and be real. If you want to dance, DANCE. If you want to perform, PERFORM. If you want to idolize anyone, let that person be YOU. If you want to be seen, let your true self be SEEN. Make a conscious choice on how you want to live. Don’t allow people’s negativity stop you from dancing because they don’t know your story. Stop hiding! Just say what you want, it might relate. Do what you want, it might encourage others. Breathe and live independently. See a movie alone, go for coffee by yourself, go on a long walk. You are the only person who will be by your side forever.

Stop feeling guilty of things that are beyond your control. Forgive yourself of the mistakes and blunders that you have made on your journey to becoming who you are. Let the past be the past even with the nightmares. Forgive who you used to be. You can’t spend forever hating yourself and your past actions. Let your inner spirit shine. Don’t allow your “demons” define you and never let anyone tell you that you are too happy. This world is a dark place — NEVER let anyone put out your light because the moment you stop being afraid of being yourself and doing what you’re supposed to do, all the doors will start opening up.

If you’re still reading, thank you and always remember that you deserve to be loved for who you are, with your flaws, with your quirks, and with your imperfections you deserve to be with someone who doesn’t make you afraid of being yourself. Being different doesn’t make you less important, it even makes you more memorable. So don’t be afraid of being yourself.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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