Kindness Matters

Dear Someone,

I hope that you find this letter with a well rested mind, you that have an idea of how everyone you meet should be, you that is always comparing everyone you meet to someone in your past and you that nothing and nobody is ever good enough for you.

Before I get into why I am writing you this letter, I want to remind you that life is not a fashion show, it’s not a dress rehearsal, it’s not a race, it’s not a competition, it’s not a bed of roses neither is it a grocery list. Stop asking everyone you meet about their career, where they work, marital status or if they own a house simply because you see them smiling. Stop asking everyone you meet under the sun what they think of your president. It’s NOT the #1 political story. Stop asking everyone what their grades are because you want to make yourself feel smarter. Stop asking everyone you meet about their love life because you think yours is perfect.

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