Be Kind To Yourself

Dear Someone,

If you find this letter, it’s for you, you that is trying to heal from something you can’t share or simply have no one to share it with. You that doesn’t know how to heal from something that has damaged you to your core. You that’s unable to take out time to heal from something that has broken you down the most! This letter is for you, you that have spent too many years drowning in sadness because you didn’t feel like you belonged to yourself.

I know this letter is long, but I just want you to know that you are not alone and everyone you meet is trying to heal from something they don’t want to discuss too. Be kind to yourself irrespective of whatever it is that’s going on the inside of you. Stop hiding it and let go of the thought that you can’t heal from something that has deeply wounded you. Grow through the pain and allow God to have the final say over your situation. He is merciful and kind. What the Devil tries to destroy, He is able to and will restore — whatever you need and whenever you need it.

I know you hate it when people try to tell you how to heal from something they’ve never been through but you have to realize that everyone in life has to heal from something that made them the person they are today. Your story will not be different. You will heal too because storms, troubles, pains and hard times don’t last forever. Bad things and days happen, but they don’t last forever. They don’t! Stay strong! They have an expiry date. Do you “remember how patient Job was and how the Lord finally helped him? The Lord did this because He is so merciful and kind” — James 5:11 (CEV). Everything will get better if you keep living. Even if you can’t see it now.

I don’t know your story, your journey and the street of life you are in right now BUT God does and our faith in Him is what opens new Vistas of Hope and doors for Him to move and set the blessings in motion. No matter how tough it is to heal from whatever it is that you are going through, don’t get discouraged. Don’t get discouraged because things are not working out for you or because of what you’re going through. Your time is coming. Where you are is not where you’re going to stay. Don’t get discouraged because of failure — it eventually leads to success. Don’t cry because it is over or because the only person you loved walked away — smile because it happened and gave you a chance to find someone better. Galatians 6:9 says, “Don’t get discouraged and give up, for [you] will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time”.

When things don’t go your way don’t ask “why me”. Ask “how can this make me stronger? What can I learn from this? How will it make me a better person?” And move on from it. Don’t ask God “why me” because you are yet to get pregnant. Don’t ask God “why me” because you didn’t get that job. Don’t become bitter becomes of that financial difficulty. Don’t become bitter about the past — be better for your future. Don’t become bitter by a relationship because they don’t live up to your expectations — everyone’s journey is different. Today is not as dark as your situation wants you to think. You are not as weak as your situation wants you to believe either. Always playing the victim will get you nowhere except in the same situation from your past. You that stumbled on this letter, stay the course and on purpose, stay on the Word and on purpose. Things will not stay the same. Not one day to the next. Not the same old ways. Beautiful things, new things are headed your way. That new will come through for you as you lift up your voice and pray and sing praises to Him in that situation.

I will finish off this letter by saying that if you don’t understand what’s going on in your life, don’t get discouraged or frustrated. Allow yourself to be selfish and put yourself first. Most importantly, surround yourself with love and support and then give yourself time. God knows what we don’t. He never promised that everything would make sense, but He did promise that you would be OK in the end! Go and know that God is with you on this. He will open the doors you need opened and bring in the blessings you need at just the right time.

In Him,
~Ali Papa.

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