God Has A Plan

Dear Someone,

I just prayed this prayer for you, you that have chosen to love in silence just because you find no rejection in it. You whose friendship, love, help, and service was rejected and left with more scars. May someone hug you so tight one day that all your broken pieces will stick back together. May God give you the strength to press on from that rejection. May He teach you to know that every rejection is just a step to a bigger and better acceptance and may your next blessing far outweigh the emotional battles and trauma that you are going through in Jesus Name.

May your days be full of rest and peace, you that was rejected for being different and for being you. You that’s wondering and asking how many times will it be possible for you to be rejected before every piece of you will finally be broken. May God give you favour to be preferred and not rejected. May He make you highly favoured in places you have been rejected previously in Jesus Name. May He locate you, find you out and spring you up from wherever you have been forgotten, rejected, forsaken, neglected, abandoned, and emotionally locked up in Jesus Name.

May your life not be enveloped with misfortune, you whose love was abused but still hoping against all reason that the one that rejected you will somehow come back to you. May God comfort you, you that’s grieving, lonely, depressed, in pain and/or feeling rejected. May His love heal your heart and restore your soul. May He bring healing and reconciliation in the way ONLY He can and may He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed in Jesus Name — Psalms 20:4 (NIV).

You that have rejected yourself because of your looks and self-destructive thoughts, may God restore to you everything the devil has stolen from you (Joel 2:25). May tears of sorrow never drop from your eyes again. May those who present themselves as your friends but are deadly enemies be exposed for what they really are in Jesus Name!

In His Service,
Ali Papa.

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