Your Pain Is Temporary

Dear Someone,

My name is Ali Papa ( Thank you for opening my letter. I wish I could tell you why I am writing this to you today, but I don’t know. I also don’t know what you’re struggling with but what I do know however is that sometimes what you bargained for, hoped for, and worried about, can seem out of reach, out of touch, and out of sight.

Since it’s a new month, I felt I should remind you, you that is fighting so many silent battles, that our continued faith in God is what opens new vistas of hope and doors for Him to move and set the blessings in motion for us. So irrespective of the issues that are before you in the past week or month, don’t faint and don’t be distracted by them. Take that step of faith in that situation and don’t take your eyes off His Word.

Don’t let your heart be troubled, you that is feeling like you have lived an eternity in just three months worth of time because so little has happened for you this year. There will be storms ahead but always remember that God will be with you in it and that the other side of the storm is the good land.

Gather your patience together, you that have had an intense year so far filled with heartbreaks and life-changing events. Gather your patience together knowing that your waiting period will be over soon. When his wait was over, Joseph was promoted (Gen 41:39-41). Whatever it is that you have been waiting for, we declare that your waiting is over. Those things that need to turn, we declare for them to turn in the Name of Jesus!

You that is feeling like you haven’t lived at all this year, I want you to remember that God always finishes what he starts (Philippians 1:6). Rest knowing that He who began a good work in you will perfect it. Rest knowing that you will not hurt forever. You can have a fresh start and move forward from your place of pain.

You that the drama in your life is making you feel like you have lived four years in the first quarter of the year alone, I want you to rest knowing that your new beginning does not lie in the date on the calendar, but it lies in the man that holds your life in the palm of His hand. Rest knowing that what is coming is better than what’s gone. Rest knowing that the person you’re meant to be with, is better than the one that left you.

Gods love is bigger than your problems, you that so much has happened to this year and wondering if you can endure that pain one more day. Rest knowing that He is faithful to sustain you in every area of your life. Rest knowing that His strength is stronger than your fears. Rest and allow Him to step in today (Jeremiah 32:27). Rest and allow Him to turn your waiting into dancing. If you see yourself prophesying, prophesy. If you see yourself singing a song, sing a song.

You that is done trying to hold on to what you thought was enough, what you thought was acceptable, and what you thought was for you, don’t look back at what broke you and made you feel unappreciated. Move on with your life knowing that when your morning comes, you won’t have to beg the sun to rise.

You that stumbled on this letter and found yourself enduring heartache after heartache, having to swallow certain things after another, having to make adjustments after adjustments and saying it’s okay again and again over and over when it wasn’t, I encourage you to choose to praise Him even if you don’t understand your situation. Choose to trust Him even when you don’t understand how you’re going to come off it.

You that have made up your mind to let go of the comfort, the familiarity, the “stability”, and feeling of “having someone in your life”, choose to love God irrespective of time and circumstances, independent of situations, whether you understand it or not. His renewed mercies are still new every morning, and they will keep you in perfect peace. Today will not be an exception for you. Every one of your needs shall be supplied, and nothing shall be denied.

May this new month bring in that which you have been standing in faith believing. May God be near to you and take away completely, everything that has ever caused you to fear. May His help never be far from you and may He be glorified in every step you take, every move you make and in whatever you do.

With love,
Ali Papa.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Cut Off Toxic Ties

Dear Someone,

I don’t know if this is for you, but understand that God will come through for you in that situation. HE DOESN’T SHOW FAVORITISM and His timing are never early, never late. It’s always on time. What He did for another, He’s able to do much more for you! (Acts 10:34). Where there needed to be a turnaround, it will be turnaround.

If your marriage has become a blessed mess for you, stop thinking you will be stuck in that mess or situation forever. Stop thinking all you will ever get and continue to experience in your marriage are going to be rough patches, lies, disappointments and knockouts. It might not be immediately, but every marital mess has an expiration date, it doesn’t last forever.

If all you see in your marriage or relationship is darkness instead of light and love, stop thinking it is your responsibility to love and nurture the darkness and evil out of your partner. In your darkest of hours, in the midst of that confusion and negativity, don’t submit to the darkness even if you can’t see the light clearly and don’t think you will be trapped in that darkness forever. It might not be immediately, but darkness has an expiration date, it doesn’t last forever.

If you are heartbroken and deeply hurt by the very person you gave your all and heart to, stop feeling like your heart will never heal or you will never get out of that emotional struggle. It might not be immediately, but all negative emotions have an expiration date, they don’t last forever.

If your marriage was and is trying to suffocate life out of you, don’t bury yourself in your pain, don’t continue to hang around your abuser just to maintain the status quo and don’t let that disappointment keep you from enjoying your life. It might not be immediately, but all hatred and abuse have an expiration date, they don’t last forever.

If you are getting too stressed, too tired and overwhelmed with issues in your relationship or marriage, stop allowing your partner or spouse to keep pushing your buttons, deactivate the buttons instead and stop giving them the reaction they want. It might not be immediately, but understand that not everyone is meant to be a part of your life forever. Some people in your life have an expiration date, learn to let go and discard.

If you are having a lot of feelings you don’t want to feel and a lot of questions but not a lot of answers because you were rejected, you don’t have to let that rejection define you neither should you have to keep trying to see how everything is going to work out. There’s more to you than the part that was rejected. Trust in the Lord to do above and beyond what you ask or expect. It might not be immediately, but your feelings have an expiration date. Your questions have an expiration date, they don’t last forever.

If you’re drowning in your marriage or relationship because you’re always trying to be their anchor, stop trying to keep everything together when your world is falling apart and stop trying to fulfil a need that your partner cannot define. I know you have a good heart but learn to fight your own battles and not that of others. It might not be immediately, but the resources at your disposal are either limited or have an expiry date, they won’t last forever.

If every night of your life is always filled with arguments, silent cries, and crying yourself to sleep, stop letting the things they say or do get to you. See this daily nightmare as only a few scenes in the long movie of your life. Don’t treat them like it’s the whole story. Keep writing your story and keep looking for a way of escape from whatever it is that is destroying you and causing you pains. It might not be immediately, but your disagreements have an expiration date, they won’t last forever.

If your spouse or partner is daily living a lie and always trying to paint you to everyone as the bad person, don’t allow them to define you for who you are not. A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, just because they are louder than you. It might not be immediately, but lies have an expiry date, they don’t last forever.

If your marital crises have become a drama in a court of law because of how messy your divorce process has turned out to be, don’t be embarrassed about it and never be ashamed for it. It might not be immediately, but your trials, in any form, have an expiration date, they don’t last forever. Don’t confuse a season for a lifetime.

Regardless of how emotionally damaged you are in that relationship or marriage, you that stumbled on this letter, always remember that not everyone you lose is a loss. Some people are in your life for only a season — stop holding on to what has an expiration date.

Regardless of how much you have invested in the relationship or for how long you both have been together, let go of whatever that is destroying you knowing that all friendships and crushes have an expiration date. Let go knowing that your pain has an expiry date. Let go knowing that your memory of him or her has an expiration date.

Regardless of how much you love the one in your life and how far you are willing to give them a second, third, fourth and fifth chances, understand that not all love will last forever. Some have an expiration date except (hopefully) your relationship with yourself.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that nobody lives forever. You have an expiry date. Don’t be afraid to live your life to the fullest and don’t be afraid to cut off toxic ties. Your detractors and those that resent you will have something to say but remind them it is not your job to make them happy.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that every opportunity has an expiration date. Don’t die in that toxic marriage or relationship with all the red flags you are seeing — save your life while you still can. Don’t stay in silent hell just because you want to maintain the status quo.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that their foolishness towards you have an expiration date, don’t ever regret meeting that unreasonable person and don’t ever regret putting too much into them that you didn’t get back. One day you will realize they taught you the most important lesson in your life!

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that your emotional struggles have an expiration date, don’t give up on yourself and God because of a man or woman who couldn’t see your worth. That heartbreak is always an inevitable win for you on the long run.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that every rubbish has an expiry date, don’t listen to every counsel and don’t allow their negative words to become your reality. Have a good heart and be true to it!

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that every job has an expiration date — know when your time is up in that mess. It was never your job to fix everything that is wrong with your partner. It should’ve been the two of you working on the relationship, not you doing it all alone.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that apologies have an expiration date, know when you are emotionally being manipulated and choose your people carefully. You’re not a rug to be walked all over on.

Regardless of whatever you do on earth, always remember that loyalty has an expiration date, know your enemy and be careful who you open up to. The people closest to you are the ones who know how to make you feel worthless.

Until tomorrow, and regardless of whatever you are going through right now, reach out to those you know are hurting and lonely as hell. Irrespective of how love makes you feel, remember those going through a divorce. Reach out and tell them they are not forgotten. Reach out because everyone deserves to feel like they are loved. I just reached out to you through this letter.

Be encouraged!
Ali Papa.

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Stop Looking For Another Version Of You

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that haven’t been on a date in a long time. You that is asking yourself daily if something is wrong with you. You that is forever wondering how that all your friends were able to stay happy in long term relationships and you are not. You that’s trying to figure out where it all went wrong. You that doesn’t have a social life anymore. You that is 40 and always feeling like you are 60. This letter is for you, you that don’t know why you think you are unlovable.

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Life Is For The Living

Dear Someone,

Life might have done nothing more than let you down, you that was hoping that by now you would have been married and settled down. Life might have done nothing, but continue to be dull for you, you that is struggling to make ends meet.

Life might have done nothing, but make you feel like you are alone and worthless, you that is unappreciated and miserable in your relationship or marriage. Life might have done nothing, but treat you badly, you that was betrayed but the very person you trusted the most.

Life might have done nothing, but tear and keep you down, you that is battling with health challenges. Life might have done nothing, but disappoint you, you that was rejected, abandoned and left with many questions without answers.

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Don’t Lose Yourself

Dear Someone,

If you found this letter and you are having a hard time, feeling like you’ve lost yourself instead of finding yourself, mentally and emotionally drained, and are scared of getting hurt again, that means it is for you. I am sending you this letter in the very final moments of my last evening of this glorious year 2019. I do so with so much gratitude and amazement. It is been an awesome year, and I am so excited to see what 2020 will bring for you and me.

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Forgive Yourself And Begin Again

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that is looking back at your life in regret instead of looking forward. You that is looking back at your life and can’t identify the person that you have become. You that is looking back at your life and realizing that in a quest of making everyone around happy, you have lost yourself. For everyone that’s looking back at their lives and seeing a series of mistakes and sins, for everyone that’s looking back at 2019 and thinking that 2020 will just get worse up the same, this letter is for you. I don’t know if you are a follower, but I am glad you stumbled on this letter. It’s also a letter for me, to realize how much I have done and what I have become.

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You’re Not Meant For A Sissy

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that was left and abandoned because they felt there was nothing left in you. You that is almost choking to death on the thought of them being with someone else. You that is feeling like you are going to die every time it dawns on you that you are never going to have him or her back in your life again. You that have become your own blanket and your blanket has become you.

This letter is for you, you that is thinking that his or her heart may not have any space for you again. You that is still wondering how they can easily let go of someone they said they love the most. You that is making excuses and playing the victim card for the one that left you for another person. You that have come to realize that getting no message from me the one you love is also a message. You whose heart gets heavier day and night looking for how to get your ex back into your life.

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