Keep Making A Joyful Noise

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that have been bashed, slandered, misunderstood, mistreated, defamed, despised, disparaged, humiliated, publicly embarrassed and falsely accused of things you know nothing about. This letter is for you, you that was wrongfully terminated from your job because of false accusations from a coworker. This letter is for you, you that’s living in shame and paying a high price because you were falsely accused by your spouse or partner of infidelity or for cheating on them. This letter is for you, you that was not only discriminated against but falsely accused of shoplifting, stealing or involved in a robbery and left for people to start questioning your character.

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Don’t Mistake DELAYS For DESTINY. 


It’s very easy for the enemy to trap us into hiding in shame and fear. I have seen many people going into hiding because they were dismissed from work for fraud. There are those that have left Church because of one challenge or the other. There are those who are running away from their broken marraiges, abusive partner or from past poor decisions that brought brought shame to them.

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