Appreciate What You Have

Beloved of God,

If you want to fly, you will have to give up the stuff that weighs you down, you will have to get rid of your emotional baggage from your past relationships or your past employer. You will have to get rid of anger, it is unnecessary baggage. You will have to come out of your pity party, it’s not a comfortable place to stay. You will have to stop making excuses for your situation, forgive those that have hurt you and forgive yourself.

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Take A Look At Yourself

Dearly Beloved,

Don’t let the opinions of others consume you. Life is too short to let your circumstances and opinions of others determine your joy. Don’t be moved by what somebody else, even if it’s a relative thinks that you should do or become. Be directed and be led by the Holy Ghost. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood and you are peculiar! Be consumed but God’s truth instead of people’s opinions. The Glory of God is embedded right inside you! You were bought with a price. You are not ordinary.

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