Life Is Not A Straight Line

Dear Someone,

I don’t know who this is for, but understand me well as I type these words.

Your current challenges are not there to kill you but to build you up. They are not there to stay but to pass. Your current challenges are not the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to face — acknowledge them but do not live in them. Your mistakes are your own mentorship, they are part of your story — they are not who you are.

Irrespective of the turns and detours in your relationship, stop wondering and asking if they ever really loved you. Irrespective of the detours that life has thrown at you, understand that where you are right now is where you’re supposed to be. Understand that “Sometimes, your ‘Plan B’ is really God’s ‘Plan A’. And your “detours” are all a part of His plan for your life.”- Dr Sorke.

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Your Journey Is Different & It Is Yours

I just wanted to remind you, Dear Someone, not to look back – you’re not going that way. Your direction is much more important than your speed. Stop looking back with the purpose of settling for a love that hurts more than it heals. Stop trying to make yourself relevant in stories you’ve already exited. Stop looking back so you can see what’s in front of you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself just because your ex seems to be doing just fine while you’re having a hard time. Stop feeling like God vanished and left you stranded. Stop feeling sorry for yourself just because you’re hurting in silence and wishing someone will love you enough to notice that you’re not yourself. Heal at your own pace, instead of rushing into connections by individuals who are not willing to help you move on.

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