Weekly Prayers: Favour Shall See You Through

Dear Someone,

I just prayed this prayer for you, you that don’t know how to dry the tears that keep rolling down your face and you that’s feeling like you are in the wrong movie, asking where is the director and producer.

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Weekly Prayers: Keep On Keeping On

Dear Someone,

I just prayed this prayer for you, you that don’t know if you still have the ability and courage to keep on going and keeping on. You that just want to be held tight and be told that everything is going to be alright.

May God do what you want most and let all go well for you this week — Psalms 20:4 (CEV). May He turn the ashes of what you’ve gone through into beauty for His display. May He take you where you couldn’t go on your own. May you have the courage to let go of anything that is holding you back and may He work out those things that have been stressing you out.

I pray for you too, you that seems not to be moving on in the right direction despite all your efforts and prayers. May God give you a fresh start this week — Psalms 145:14 (MSG). May He cause unfavourable circumstances to shift in your favour. May what the enemy hoped would work against you, work for you in Jesus Name. May God hear all your prayers. May He set you free from all your fears and save you out of all your troubles and every tight spot — Psalms 34:6.

For everyone else that’s praying with me this morning, may everything be alright for you and may your journey this week continue to be from glory to glory. Things that looked like they would never turn, will turn in the right way for you in Jesus Name. May the peace that only God can give be over everything that is around you, about you, about your families, and your relatives.

Irrespective of whatever comes your way or against you this week, may you always remember that God is on the throne and that everything is going to be alright. May you find healing in your brokenness and satisfaction from the scars of the past. May God give you the Grace to walk boldly knowing that He’s fighting your battles and turning things around for your good.

Be blessed!

In Him.
Ali Papa.

Weekly Prayers

Dear Someone,

I just prayed this prayer for you, you that is finding it hard to walk in peace because your path feels difficult. This week, may God fill you with endurance. May God help you to stay grounded, trusting that He will provide an answer to your next big move. May the peace that only God can give, the peace that overcomes fear, anxiety, confusion and troubled hearts be yours this week in that situation.

There is not a weapon formed against you that can prosper. May what the enemy said wouldn’t happen for you, happen in Jesus’ Name. May everything that you have waited on in faith come to you. May every prophecy, every promise, and every blessing come to pass. For everyone that was told to bless you, this week, they will obey in Jesus’ Name. Somebody will bring what you need. Even people that hate you, will bring what you need in Jesus’ Name.

May the voice of rejoicing be heard in your home this week for God’s goodness, mercy, and prosperity in Jesus’ Name. May God favour you beyond your current circumstances and may you find people cross your path who will bring you peace and not chaos.

Until tomorrow, I want you to remember that it is not time to give up. It is not time to turn back. But it’s time to move forward. There is much blessing ahead this week, much, much, blessing. And that blessing shall be yours in Jesus Name. Whatever you set your hands unto shall prosper. Things that need to be rearranged will be rearranged, those that need to be out so others can come in will be out in Jesus Name.

Be blessed!

In Him,
~ Ali Papa.

You Deserve The Love You Keep Trying To Give

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you, you that is being ignored because you don’t fit in. You that’s being ignored because of something you know nothing about, you that is being ignored because you don’t know anyone and have no one to help. This letter is for you, you that have been ignored as if you were dead, as if you were a broken pot and you that’s tired of putting up with being ignored or shunned, spat at, and berated by those you once called your own or someone who means the world to you. If you think you would be the most popular in the universe if being ignored meant so, then this letter is for you.

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Get Yourself Together

I just wanted to remind you, Dear Someone, that one day, you will smile again like you’ve never been hurt. That one day, you will know what they did for you and to you and thank God they happened. Quit complaining and count your blessings one by one, especially the things you take for granted — one day, you will understand that all the NO’s had to happen in order to lead to the YES.

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You Are Not A Label

Dear Someone,

This short letter is for you, you that is crying for being bullied or treated as an outcast. You that is unable to fit in perfectly in a world full of people that thrive on negativity and trying to fit in, and stand out. You that is ashamed to be addressed by your family name because of the label placed on them by society. You that is feeling insecure and lacks self-worth because of how you are being looked down upon. You that got blocked, got kicked out of your friends’ group, ignored, and deemed as toxic, and problematic.

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Wake Up To Hope

Dear Someone,

We all have things in life that come against us in and out of season with many of them taking us to different streets of life. I don’t know which street of life your circumstances have pushed you to — fair or unfair, I want you to know that your situations are not there to kill you, they are not there to paralyze you, they are there to help you grow and build your faith — don’t fight them but learn from them.

Do your best in whatever street of life you are reading this letter from to find more reason to live your life. It doesn’t matter if you are walking alone or if it’s so long and so tiring, keep on walking till you find a place of heart to rest. It doesn’t matter if after holding and taking care of someone you love for so long, they left you in that street of life and vanish into thin air, keep on walking till you find true love — a man’s affection should not be your standard BUT God’s love for you. It doesn’t matter how many times they have played with your emotions in that street of life, waiting for you to get run over, keep on walking knowing that “the LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those who are crushed in Spirit” (Psalms 34:18). It doesn’t matter what the world is saying to you or calling you in that street of life, keep on walking because it matters what His Word says about you.

I understand that you are at your wit’s end, tired and probably can’t muster the strength to find one good thing in your life, don’t give up. Keep the faith and continue to stay the course and on purpose because the journey has yet to begin. Don’t get too comfortable in your situation thinking that a miracle can never take place — wake up to hope and fight for what you want! Don’t get too comfortable in your situation because change comes rapidly — you need to be prepared for where God is leading you to in that street of life. Don’t get too comfortable in your situation and risk losing sight of your destination — keep on walking. Don’t get too comfortable in your situation because they are temporary — they came to pass. Don’t get too comfortable in your situation hoping something better will arrive — go out and get it. Don’t get too comfortable in that situation and forget your objectives — work hard, play hard and stand strong in what you know to be the truth. Don’t get too comfortable in your situation or with the people in your life — let God bring restoration and healing to your relationship and to your soul. Whatever you do and in whatever situation you are, trust God and believe in yourself —even when you are at your wits end!

It doesn’t matter who has thrown you out or if nobody gives you a chance in that street of life, it’s time for you to stop waiting for your circumstances to change. It’s time to take action and have the God kind of faith as your escape vehicle. Allow your faith in the Lord to lead and light the way. Allow your faith in Him to overcome your worry and give birth to renewed hope. Don’t allow your faith to be shaken by adverse conditions and circumstances. Hebrews 11:6 (TLB) says, “You can never please God without faith, without depending on him. Anyone who wants to come to God must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely look for him”.

If you are lost in that street of life, if it has become difficult to walk alone, and there is anger, frustration, and depression that you no longer can bear, if over time it has become difficult to get a helping hand from someone else’s hand, rest and allow God to help you. Whether it’s a health issue, financial challenges or a marital problem — everything you are going through today is subject to change. Don’t accept failure as your birthright. Don’t accept poverty as part of your life. Don’t accept that toxic relationship as your lot. It doesn’t matter how terrible your situation is, God is able to lead you out of it. He cannot lead you out of that “Egypt” and not provide for you in the desert. He cannot lead you out of that street of life and not walk you right into your destiny. He is the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21).

Wake up to hope because God’s promises are yours today. Rest knowing that God is on your side, and He has gone ahead of you to grant you protection. He is opening doors for you to walk in. He’s opening places for you to take in Jesus’ Name. Yes, He’s starting today. He’s repairing and restoring today what the enemy has stolen in Jesus’ Name. Every need would be met according to His Word. For where you must go or what you must do or what you must say, may He guide you by a pillar of cloud during the daytime and by a pillar of fire at night.

Be encouraged,

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