There Is No Shame In Divorce

Dear Someone,

This letter is for you. You that’s asking what’s the opposite of happiness since that’s all you can feel right now. You that has refused to walk away from a relationship that’s certain to kill you. You that was threatened with a knife and left with bruises the other day. You whose ONLY crime was getting married to a devil in a wife or a husband. You that’s afraid to walk away from a relationship that weighs you down instead of lifting you up. You that’s in a relationship that’s making you feel bad about being you.

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Stop Struggling Now That You Are In Christ.


The battles of life are not always to the strong. Stop struggling and be at rest in Him. Stop struggling like a man without Christ. A child of God works with a different set of rules. It was never your responsibility to win your battles and meet your needs. Stop struggling about tomorrow and about your finances. Stop struggling about how to come out of that blessed mess – God is on your side. It was never your responsibility to heal yourself, or to deliver yourself and set yourself free – God is your deliverer. Stop struggling with your health – healing is already yours. Rest and know that none of those things are your responsibility – those are His responsibilities.

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Better Days Are Coming

Dear Someone,

I want you to know that irrespective of what your circumstances may look like today, God is not surprised at the mess you made in your life. God is not surprised at our mistakes. God is not surprised at what is happening to you. God is not surprised at how long things may be taking. God is not surprised at your weaknesses. God is not surprised at the blessings you enjoy. God is not surprised at the things that have shaken your life. God is not surprised about the gossip and slander going on about you. God is not surprised at anything today.

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​His Kindness Is All You Need

Dearly Beloved,

Often times life seems to take unplanned and seemingly “unfair” turns after we receive some phone calls that are like a “blessed mess” instead of a blessing. We all, at times, feel abandoned, alone and asking: “Has God forgotten me? Does He no longer care?”. The truth is that He does care for you and I and even for the birds of the air. The problem is that most times we may not understand why things happen the way they do, but if we will continue to love Him with all our heart and consistently trust Him in and through all our trials, we can be certain (and we will one day see) that God is in control and our situation is truly intended for good. Continue reading

Time and Chance


You don’t meet people by accident. Never take advantage of the people in your life, you may never find them again. Look back in life at the people God sent your way and you took advantage of them. They have all gone and living their separate lives, but you may never meet them again. You don’t meet people by accident. There is always a reason – a lesson or a blessing. There’s no such thing as a coincidence.

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