Singles: Be Proud Of Who You Are

Dear Someone,

Honestly, I don’t know if you are single and desiring to be married, but on the off chance that you are, this letter is for you. As usual, it’s a long one but I need you to stop worrying after reading it. I’m also writing this for someone that’s feeling so helpless that they don’t know the next step to take. Someone who is worried that so many people are getting engaged at this time while he or she is still single and with no sign of anyone ever coming around to say hello. Someone who is going around feeling old because everyone around them is getting married and having kids.

You that is worried right now that it’s almost 2019 and despite entering 2018 as a single, you are still single, this letter is for you. You that was asked one of the most annoying questions, “why you’re still single?”, at Christmas by your family members, this letter is for you. You that is wondering if your family has given up on you since not a single person asked you if you are still single this year, this letter is for you. You that’s still being pushed around by your problems, this letter is for you. You that is feeling sad over those that gave up on you and you that’s allowing others dim your light simply because it’s shining in their eyes, this letter is for you.

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