Don’t Lose Yourself

Dear Someone,

If you found this letter and you are having a hard time, feeling like you’ve lost yourself instead of finding yourself, mentally and emotionally drained, and are scared of getting hurt again, that means it is for you. I am sending you this letter in the very final moments of my last evening of this glorious year 2018. I do so with so much gratitude and amazement. It is been an awesome year, and I am so excited to see what 2019 will bring for you and me.

As you know, 2019 will be another blank book, and we can’t but trust that God is going to write our story Himself. 2018 might not have started off great but you need to understand that even though you may still be going through a rough time right now, even though it might look like you have dug yourself deep in a pit that would be hard to get out of, you shouldn’t be looking for happiness from the same place you lost it. You shouldn’t be looking at where you fell, but where you slipped.

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